Wardrobe staples to slay the office

By Gugu Kabinde

IT doesn’t have to take a thousand hours or a stylist to look effortlessly chic,stylish and
professional. U don’t even need a wardrobe full of boring black, grey or navy suits. All you need
are a few wardrobe staples or essentials.
Remember getting dressed for the office does not have to be difficult and boring. Keep your
looks simple, fun, professional and clean. Get wardrobe staples to build up your wardrobe to
make it easy to put together simple looks. Don’t be afraid to add colors and accessories.

  1. Don’t be afraid to add some fun bright colors.
    A bold print or pattern has the power to lift your mood and your look. So for this look we
    have a floral pencil skirt from Zinnia Exclusive Clothing, paired with plain pink shirt and a
    simple black high heel pump. And voila, we have put together a professional look with a
    bit of color and print.
  2. A blazer is a wardrobe staple. A double breasted blazer, however, is like the more
    advanced version of the standard blazer. For this look we have a white and navy striped
    double breasted blazer also from Zinnia Exclusive Clothing. We paired it with navy blue
    jeans. Yes you can wear jeans to the office, but make sure they are plain dark wash
    jeans that are not torn or embellished or embroidered so u can achieve a more
    professional and clean look.
  3. A black leather biker jacket is also a staple. When wearing a leather biker jacket—it’s all
    in how you style it to achieve a professional look appropriate for the office. Pair it with
    black or white dress up pants, or black pencil skirt if u like. Also put on a white or black
    shirt and simple black heels, that is to offset the tough, rocker look. You’ll instantly feel
    buttoned up and professional (but not too buttoned up!). Avoid biker jackets with too
    many zips studs or embellishments, your goal is to achieve a clean look. Go for
    authentic leather with clean lines.

Why not have a little fun with accessories. The right accessories can take an average outfit and
make it stunning.
Always keep these in mind:
When accessorizing for the office functionality is important. For example a big metal bangle or
those individual metal bracelets may look great but it may hinder your arm movement and make

a racket when typing and doing other basic work functions. So it might be a good idea to stick to
a basic good looking wristwatch
Statement necklace
A nice statement necklace can also be great for a simple top or pantsuit. The key is to stick with
a simple outfit and let the statement piece do the talking. Also try to avoid pairing a big chunky
neck piece with big chunky earrings, it looks too over the top and untidy. Remember less is

Black heels
Invest in a good pair of black heels, simply because u can wear them with almost any outfit. Be
careful not to invest in something you can’t walk in.make sure they are comfortable and you can
walk in them. Don’t buy a heel that is too high or too blister-inducing. You can get block heels,
or something two-three inches high.
Lastly keep you hair tidy
Keep it neatly tied up in a bun or pony.
If you prefer wearing it loose, or you have a Bob or pixie cut, keep a small clean hairbrush in
your bag to use at any time to keep your hair neatly brushed.

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