Changing the age of politics – young lioness enters parliament

Changing the age of politics – young lioness enters parliament

Congratulations are in order for Free State youth leader and politician, Dikeledi Direko, who
was this week sworn in to the South African parliament.

Direko has been off to a good start in dealing with the ageist political spectrum in the country.
At just 33, Direko was already a Member of the Mayoral Committee in the Matjhabeng local
She now will represent the interest of the youth right from Cape Town.
In a previous interview with us Direko said being a young woman in politics meant that she
should be selfless.
She said the journey had many challenges and sometimes is extremely frustrating.
“In our country women are in majority and young women are facing many challenges such as
poverty, unemployment, teenage pregnancy, school dropout, new infection of HIV and Aids,
patriarchy, gender based violence, alcohol and substance abuse and lack of resources that
affect learning. As a leader we are expected to be in the forefront of addressing the challenges
and coming up with solutions,” she said.
She explained that women in politics were often subjected to patriarchy due to patriarchal
“Sometimes we are subjected to the false negative perceptions about our political achievements
or personal lives and one has to keep on clarifying them where necessary,” she said.
She said her career highlights were all about the opportunities that she has explored to assist
the people and being able to see the result in people’s lives.
These include assisting young people quit gangsterism, assisting some students with the tuition
fees and other interventions.

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  • Pesalome
    May 24, 2019, 6:16 pm

    Free State Stand Up!
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